Gambling Addiction Of Lawyer Leads To Suspension In Nevada

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The state of Nevada may be the one place in the world where a lawyer can steal hundreds of thousands of dollars, and admit to over fifty professional violations, yet still keep his job. That is the case for Las Vegas lawyer Douglas Crawford.

Crawford was facing heavy odds when he went before the Nevada Supreme Court to find out his fate. after admitting to the wrongdoing, Douglas new he had an uphill battle if he was ever going to be a lawyer again in the state.

That battle took a turn for the best this week when the Supreme Court ignored the recommendation of the State Bar of Nevada disciplinary panel that Crawford be disbarred. That recommendation happened back in April of last year.

Crawford has admitted to sixty five professional conduct violations but the majority of them all had to deal with the same issue. Taking clients money and misappropriating it.

He has stolen over $400,000 from clients to fuel his gambling addiction. The Supreme Court took the nature of the person and the addiction into account in their ruling.

Crawford has had a longstanding good reputation and showed remorse for what he did. The court also said that the gambling addiction and his mental disabilities of depression caused some of his actions.

Connecticut Lawmakers May Use Alcohol To Rid Casinos Of Smoke

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The battle over whether or not to allow smoking at two of the most well known casinos in the country is becoming nasty in Connecticut. Lawmakers are playing hardball with the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods tribal casinos.

Mohegan Sun has somewhat complied with the smoking laws in the state. They have banned smoking from their bars and restaurants and have agreed to install smoke ventilation system. It is not necessarily Mohegan Sun that the lawmakers are going after.

“We wanted to get them (Foxwoods) to the level the Mohegan’s were at. The Mohegan’s already comply with what the Bill proposes,” said Rep. Tom Reynolds, to The Day of New London.

The new Bill puts more pressure on the casinos to bring their establishment into compliance with the smoking laws. The way they are targeting this being done is by threatening to not renew the casinos’ liquor licenses.

In the liquor license agreement, a casino is forced to enter into an agreement to reduce secondhand smoke. If this is done, then the license would be renewed. The Attorney General has his own ideas about what should happen with smoking in the casinos.

AG Richard Blumenthal had propose4d that by 2011 there would be no smoking on gaming floors at all. In 2010 it would be reduced to fifty percent of the casino floor and twenty percent of the casino floor by this October.

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